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Guide de Style

Si vous cherchez à créer une impression à la fois élégante et professionnelle, un conférencier - ou porte bloc-notes - en cuir vous aidera à ajouter une touche de classe à toute transaction commerciale. Un conférencier en cuir de qualité ou plus classiquement appelé un dossier de conférence en cuir est intemporel, il s'agit de la solution parfaite pour organiser vos documents. À Maxwell Scott, nous les concevons avec minutie et savoir-faire, afin que chaque pièce réponde à vos attentes en matière de qualité. Un conférencier pourra également vous accompagner en vacances ou pendant vos études.
sacoche cuir The primary consideration when purchasing such an item should be what will be stored within the folder or carrier. The ease with which documents can be stored is an important factor when it comes to choosing a conference folder, as is the need for the folder to have good storage space and the ability to keep the documents secure. There should also be segregation that allows the user to keep documents separate, and other items such as pens and business cards organised. These features add a professional touch to the conference folder and are preferred by businessmen and women. If you take a minimalistic approach to your business papers then the simplistic styling of the Gallo A4 Italian pad folio would suit your needs. A simple leather folder closed by a leather strap containing room for a notepad, a single pen loop, cardholders and a sleeve pocket for a few papers, this folio would complete the most relaxed business persons attire. If however you require more segregation of papers and security, with an external zip closure the traditional Dimaro conference folder would suffice. Finally should you need an internal ring binder for Filofax sections or to secure important papers, then the Veroli leather ring binder folder would be the one for you.

But what if your needs are greater and require you to carry more documents as well as diaries and tablets? What options do you have? Well here at Maxwell Scott Bags we realise it is at times hard to travel light, with this in mind we produce two luxury leather document carriers which are more substantial, the Tutti, a streamlined design, includes twin handles, an external zip pocket and a roomy interior, suitable for carrying a small laptop,papers and other business items. The addition of a shoulder strap makes it multifunctional. If however you prefer several compartments as well as multifunctionality, then the Barolo is for you. With several internal pockets, as well as external pockets, a shoulder strap and twin handles, this leather document carrier will encompass all of your needs.
Leather briefcase One of the most important factors that you should consider when selecting a leather conference folder is that it should suit your professional needs in terms of looks as much as functionality. The colour, design, cut and additional features should be tasteful and professional. Business people are often fashion conscious and take care to match the conference folders with their attire. 

Should you be looking to project a professional image within the workplace and are required to wear a suit daily, then all of our leather folders and document carriers come in a luxurious sleek black leather. Should you require a smart/casual option then our dark chocolate leather is smart enough to be worn with suits but also lends itself to casual attire just as well. Finally if you are lucky enough to wear casual attire most of the time, the signature chestnut tan leather of Maxwell Scott will provide you with the perfect solution.
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